Build a 



Nothing is more suffocating to a contractor than building a business alone.

As service-based contractors, you’re screwed. It’s a tough business…

  • Your customers, homeowners, sometimes seem to be the enemy. Online reviews anyone?
  • Your vendors are hitting you with price increase after price increase.
  • Sales and Marketing people don’t seem to understand YOUR business.
  • Your employees treat you like a wallet, not a respected employer.

Sound familiar?

LEGEND Founder, Dennis M Hohman, knows these problems better than anyone. He has worked in the contracting trade, sold supplies to contractors and seen it all. He has watched contractors get the short end of the stick for decades.


LEGEND is about sidestepping the landmines and building a LEGENDARY contracting business. 


1) You don’t know who to trust to help you grow your business.

2) You don’t have a marketing machine so your business has inconsistent leads.

3) Money inconsistently flows in and out of your account but you don’t measure your finances.

4) You are busy working IN your business, and not working ON your business.

It’s Time To Build a LEGENDARY Business


1) LEGEND is on your side, has your back, and works with you on the front lines to explode your revenue and profits.

2) You have streamlined marketing machines and systems that produces leads and premium paying clients.

3) You have a bulletproof financial plan and systems so the money issues never rear their ugly head again.

4) You work 99% of the time ON your business and let your team work IN your business.


Dennis M Hohman and the coaches at LEGEND are dedicated to building businesses that are bulletproof. No program in existence works with businesses that range from start-ups to multi-million dollars in revenue. The LEGEND no bullshit, take no prisoners, go to war attitude will have your business in a time warp. What you thought would take years will now take months.

Build a LEGENDARY business. Now.