Why 2, 3, and 4 Star Reviews Are a Goldmine


You ever notice how proud people are of their 5 star reviews?

“We have tons of 5-star reviews! We are the best! Purchase our products and services!” they tell us over and over again.

5-star reviews are cool, I like them too, BUT the money is made in your 2, 3, and 4-star reviews.


Well first of all, 5-star reviews are often times raving fans. In a contracting business they can be loyal customers, friends, family, etc. They love you even when you screw up! It’s not like if you track mud in Uncle Phil’s house he’s going to give you a bad review right?

And 1 star reviews?

Well, often times they are just grumpy “know it all” folks who can’t be made happy.

That leaves us with all the reviews in between. This is where we need to focus our attention when we want to improve our products and services.

You see…2, 3, and 4-star reviewers like some of what we did, and disliked other things we did.

In other words, they are giving us usable feedback. Feedback we can use to improve our service.

Let’s say you get a 5-star review that says “We loved Bill’s plumbing and heating. Great company. We recommend them!”

Not much we can do with that huh? Sure it feeds our ego but that’s about it.

What if instead we focused not the 3-star reviewer that wrote “Bill’s plumbing and heating came to our house and fixed our furnace. It was a little frustrating when they gave us a 4 hour window for their arrival and we had to take off all afternoon but at least it’s fixed.”

Now we have something we can improve! Especially if you notice the same problem time and time again show up in your reviews.

Start looking at your reviews in a different way. Don’t just focus on the great reviews, look at the others in order to learn from your mistakes and improve.

LEGEND Founder, Dennis M Hohman, knows these problems better than anyone. He has worked in the contracting trade, sold supplies to contractors and seen it all. He has watched contractors get the short end of the stick for decades.


LEGEND is about sidestepping the landmines and building a LEGENDARY contracting business. 

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